On your walls Jerusalem I have appointed watchmen.

Isaiah 62:6

You can become a tangible part of Jerusalem's path to wholeness and wellbeing

The Watchmen are gathering - will you be one of them?

Be on the Forefront of Biblical Prophecy

Ancient Biblical Jerusalem is Rising

Ancient Jerusalem is taking her rightful place just as the prophet Isaiah foretold. She is rising from the dust and ash on her way to become a Praise to the Earth. For the first time you can now become part of her rising, taking your place in the forefront of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment.

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She Rises

Did you know?
The Ancient Jerusalem, the place where it all began, lies outside and 400 meters south of what is known today as the Old City? The area has only been actively excavated for the past 25 years. The true location of Ancient Jerusalem is the best kept secret of our times and she is finally rising from the dust and ashes as prophesies are being fulfilled in fast succession.

Become a Tangible Part of Biblical Prophecy

Sponsor Excavations at Ancient Biblical Jerusalem

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Shalom Bracelet

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Jerusalem Watch coin and stone silver necklace

 All proceeds go to archaeological excavations at the Biblical Ancient Jerusalem

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Ancient Jerusalem
Her Story

Jerusalem’s narrative can literally be traced using the various foundation layers from several time periods. More than ten different ancient civilizations have been identified, the earliest of which dates back nearly 4,000 years. These include the Canaanites, Israelites, Romans, Byzantines, Persians and early Muslims. It is like looking at the different rings of a tree stump or peeling away the layers of an onion, until you reach the bedrock, the heart – where it all began. Every layer is a different chapter in this narrative. The City of David, ancient Jerusalem, has been rising from the ashes and shaking off chapters of dust. This is her story…

From the Watchtower
The Heshvan Transition

From Bitter to Exalted – It’s Up to Us We have entered the Hebrew month of Heshvan. A month when suddenly everything is quiet, after a very busy period of

The Strength of Concealment (Rosh Hashana)

Something monumental happened in the Ancient Jerusalem, 3000 years ago in the month of Tishrei. In the time of Solomon, the 1st day of Tishrei -Rosh Hashana – marked the

Shana Tova – “May They Prosper Who Love You”

Ancient Clay Seals shed light on the Government and Administrators of Biblical Jerusalem

Pure for God Seal  – A Portal to the Past

The Elul Encounter – Ani l’dodi v’Dodi Li