The Heshvan Transition


From Bitter to Exalted – It’s Up to Us

We have entered the Hebrew month of Heshvan. A month when suddenly everything is quiet, after a very busy period of soul searching during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, followed by a subsequent period of rejoicing on Sukkot. We have earnestly prayed for rain during this time; now, cloud banks are finally accumulating over the precious Land of Israel, just like in ancient times when the people of Israel dwelled in their land. At this time, the winter rains ready the soil for its next yield of produce. A time of preparation.

Today, praying for rain feels almost superfluous. Who needs it when there are desalination plants and other modern-day technology capable of taking care of every immediate need?

Ancient prophecies in a modern world.

Yet in the ancient city, we have come to understand the pivotal role that water played during ancient times. The Gihon Spring, the massive towers protecting it and the later rerouting of the water by King Hezekiah in order to further secure the city, is a continual reminder of this. We know that one should never take this primordial gift for granted, and most definitely not the Source from which it originated. Not to put your faith in man – even if technological progress secures and eases our lives for the better. Two layers of ashen destruction urge us never to forget the One who still runs this world based on deeply embedded eternal principles. The very phenomenon of an ancient city rising from these ash layers, after lying forsaken for millennia, testifies to the faithfulness of His governance and the certainty that every Biblical promise will come to fruition at its proper time.

This is the message of Heshvan. The Jewish sages teach that we have the opportunity to turn Mar Heshvan into Ram Heshvan. From bitter to exalted. In partnership with God, we can transform the bitter into something strong, lofty and influential. Ancient Biblical Jerusalem gracefully offers us this opportunity. As active partners to God’s promises, we can support the city’s rise from the bitter ashes and accompany her as she ascends to her lofty status as a Praise to the Earth.

It is a time of preparation and it is our partnership and involvement that can make the difference.

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