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A City Not Forsaken
(Isaiah 62:12)
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Sought After
(Isaiah 62:12)
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  • The Half Shekel Necklace ?XSought After Members receive the Half Shekel Pewter Necklace taken from the unique City of David Jewelry collection.
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(Isaiah 62:4)
$111 / Month
Yearly Commitment
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  • A Piece of Jewelry | Your Choice ?XHeftzibah Members receive a Jewelry piece of their choice from a list featuring designs from the unique City of David collections.
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The watchmen Kit is specially designed to assist and empower you to tell friends and family about the exciting developments behind the rising of the ancient Biblical Jerusalem.

The kit include

  • The Watchman Notebook?X
  • Disk-on-key with videos?X
  • The Jerusalem Watch Coin?X
  • Beautiful Double Side Poster?X


The Jerusalem Watch Coin lies at the heart of the Jerusalem Watch initiative, whose purpose is to empower those passionate about Biblical Jerusalem to connect to her on a deep, personal level.

  • Walls Shift
  • 2.5cm in diameter
  • Bronze coated Zinc Alloy


What is a Watchman?

According to Isaiah 62:2-3, a watchman’s purpose is to ensure Jerusalem’s advancement toward its ultimate goal of becoming a “Praise to the Earth”. This task can now be fulfilled through active and tangible support of the excavations or through prayer….read more

As a watchman, your contribution will allow the ancient city to be released from her millennia old prison of dust and ashes, just as the prophet Isaiah foretold. Through the intensive ongoing archaeological excavations at the City of David, the ancient city is closer than ever to finally becoming a “Praise to the Earth”.

Why Me? Why Now?

This is an opportunity that has NEVER BEFORE arisen – a privilege only for our generation. Only now that ancient biblical Jerusalem has been rediscovered, do we have the opportunity to extend our efforts beyond….read more

prayer by physically supporting the efforts that are now being made to turn this 2,000 year old prophecy into our realit