The Small Yud that is Causing a Cosmic Shift

  How the smallest letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet is causing a huge cosmic realignment right now. For those who have visited Israel and Jerusalem will know that Jerusalem’s Hebrew

The Rise of the Fallen Sukkah of David

  During Sukkot we welcome seven honored guests (Ushpizin) into our Sukkah. Every night an esteemed visitor enters, beginning with Avraham (Avinu). Ushpizin guests embody the pillars of the Jewish

The City will be rebuilt on her ruins, and the palace will stand in its proper place. – Jer 30:18

Both the true location of the Ancient Jerusalem as well as the Palace of the Davidic Dynasty has been rediscovered. May we see this prophecy fulfilled in our days!

AnaRina Heymann speaking to Josh Reinstein on Ask the Source (Israel Now News)

If I forget you Jerusalem

If I forget you Jerusalem, may I lose my job. Too harsh? Not really. Read it again. Read it for what it really says after you removed the warm fuzzy