The Strength of Concealment (Rosh Hashana)

Something monumental happened in the Ancient Jerusalem, 3000 years ago in the month of Tishrei. In the time of Solomon, the 1st day of Tishrei -Rosh Hashana – marked the

Turning Point: From Fasts to Feasts

Did you know that both Temples burned down on the exact same date on the Hebrew calendar? Whenever you read that God spoke to one of the prophets on a

City of David: the Nuclear Power Plant of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment

AnaRina Heymann recently participated in the Prophecy in the News conference. You need to SHARE this!    

“There Is a Famine For the Word of God”: First-Ever BIN Conference Brings Prophecy to Life in Jerusalem

In addition to spiritual hunger for prophetic fulfillment, the conference touched on its physical manifestations in the Land of Israel, with panelist AnaRina Heymann calling the evidence “irrefutable.” “When you