Red Garnet Bracelet

Red Garnet bracelet


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Additional Information
  • Description: A delicate semi-precious red garnet stone bracelet with brass beads and clasp.

    Coin is made of Zinc alloy with bronze overlay. The crown of the pomegranate is a symbol of

    wisdom, whereas the pomegranate itself represents righteousness. The pomegranate

    appears as a holy symbol as it represents the bells of the High Priest’s garment and also

    appeared on the ancient half-shekel Judean coins. Wear this bracelet as a constant

    reminder to support ancient Biblical Jerusalem on her path to wholeness and wellbeing.

    (Isaiah 62:6)

    For Women

    Handmade by MIRIL in Jerusalem, Israel.

    All Proceeds go towards archaeological excavations in Ancient Jerusalem.

  • Size

    19 cm + 2.5 cm extension