Watchman kit

The Watchman Shift (The Kit + Coin)


Product code: ATH00155.
  • The Watchman Notebook

    The watchmen notebook is specially designed to assist and empower you to tell friends and family about the exciting developments behind the rising of the ancient Biblical Jerusalem. It gives you the story of how David conquered the city, the deep embedded reasons why he chose Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, how archaeology revealed the secret behind the way he conquered the city, what happened over the 2,000 years since her destruction and how she got rediscovered by accident a 150 years ago.

    Biblical Jerusalem’s rediscovery is a story of hope against the odds and a confirmation that Biblical Prophecy are still in fulfilment 2,000 years later.

    It also gives a sneak peek into the amazing discoveries that has frequently and conclusively confirmed the Bible’s authenticity including seals with names of people appearing in the Bible narrative, landmark locations of key Biblical stories and ongoing excavations fulfilling millennia old prophesies.

    Disk-on- key

    Carry the message with you all the time. Share the story of Biblical Jerusalem’s rising in a 4-minute video about the Story of Jerusalem. In addition to the normal USB connector, our 8 GB disk-on- key also has features a cell phone connector so you can be ready and connected to share Biblical Jerusalem’s story wherever you go.

    The Coin

    More about the coin HERE

    Double Sided Poster

    A medium size (folded) double sided poster explaining locations of key finds in the City of David, as well as the Watchmen scripture (Isaiah 62) on the flip-side. An excellent tool to explain to friends and family the true location of the ancient city and how prophecy is coming to life.