The Jerusalem Watch Coin lies at the heart of the Jerusalem Watch initiative, whose purpose is to empower those passionate about Biblical Jerusalem to connect to her on a deep, personal level.

The true location of ancient Jerusalem was only rediscovered a mere 150 years ago, located 400 meters to the south and outside the walls of what is today known as the Old City. Significant archaeological discoveries were made in the City of David over these 150 years, but ongoing excavations have only been done over the last 25 years. These excavations provided us actual physical proof of the authenticity of the Bible.  It is not hard to see that our generation is witnessing wonders that so many longed for, but never merited to see.

As “Watchmen on the Walls,” we have to remind God and take initiative in order to see Jerusalem restored to her former glory – until God makes her again as a Praise to the Earth (Isaiah 62:6-7). We have to turn word to deed by assisting the excavation process.

The Coin design explained:


The Lion

The lion has long been associated with King David and Jerusalem. David’s mighty men were described as having the faces of lions (1 Chron 12:8). It is also the Biblical symbol of the tribe of Judah, from which David is descended. The emblem of Jerusalem, the capital of the Kingdom of Judah, prominently features the Lion of Judah.

David’s Harp

The harp represents King David’s humble spirit before God. David was known as the “Sweet Singer of Zion” and his psalms are still recited today as powerful prayers.

The Walls

The original walls of ancient Jerusalem mentioned in Isaiah have only been revealed recently, thanks to excavation efforts.  Join the legacy of the watchmen that were posted in prayer on these very walls.

The Inscription

The inscription reads (in Ancient Hebrew): “On your walls Jerusalem, I have appointed watchman.

The Principle Behind the Coin

We have the hands, but we also need the resources. Ancient Jerusalem is being excavated according to the highest standards set by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. Highly-skilled and passionate archaeologists are overseeing the excavations. Trained and educated excavation teams are working around the clock to reveal ancient Jerusalem. Committed volunteers from all over the world work alongside our teams, assisting wholeheartedly with the laborious work. Yet, despite all of these efforts, so much of ancient Jerusalem is still waiting to be uncovered and shared with lovers of Zion throughout the world.

By acquiring a Jerusalem Watch Coin, you are actively supporting the excavation of ancient Jerusalem, becoming a tangible part of the fulfillment of the prophecy (Isaiah 52:2).

The Jerusalem Watch coin is a token of your involvement and commitment. While coin itself carries no monetary value, its intrinsic worth lies in what it represents – a testament of your commitment to the rising of ancient Jerusalem. We have set a standard amount of NIS 120 (+/- $35) on the coin. To make it viable to support the excavations, this is the lowest amount for which the coin can be acquired.

The Coin is based on a number of biblical principles:

Exodus 25:2 says: “You are to receive the offering for Me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give”. As the coin is in itself only a token of your financial commitment, it can bear any value you wish to contribute, starting from the amount of NIS 100.

Genesis 14:20 says: “Then Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of all the goods he had recovered.” The first tithe ever mentioned in the Bible was given to Jerusalem. It was during the meeting between Abraham (through whom all nations will be blessed) to Melchizedek, King of Salem (or “Shalem” – the name of Jerusalem during the times of the patriarchs.)

The Coin is based on the ancient half-shekel coin that was given on an annual basis for the upkeep of the Temple. Both rich and poor had to give the same amount (Exodus 30:13, 38:26).  When Jews came to Jerusalem during the pilgrim festivals, they stood as equals. There was neither rich nor poor. We are all required to take up the task as watchmen, with modest and humble hearts.  That is the beauty of the Jerusalem Watch coin – everyone gives according to their means, but receiving the coin shows that we all stand together as equals.

Israel had to be counted, but God said that we are not allowed to count souls (Exodus 30:12). So, in order to count the children of Israel, each had to give a half-shekel coin; the coins were then counted instead. The Jerusalem Watch coin is your proof that you have committed yourself to being counted among those who care about Jerusalem’s path to wholeness and wellbeing. As the Psalms clearly state, there is a promise of protection and prosperity for those who take up this call.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure. For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, ‘Peace be within you.’” Psalms 122:6,8

Becoming part of ancient Jerusalem’s path to wholeness acquires tangible dedication. When David was given the opportunity to offer a sacrifice unto God that he had not acquired himself, he replied:

No, I insist on paying the full price. I will not take for the LORD what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.” 1Chron 21:24.

During the Great Revolt, the Half Shekel coin was used as to convey a message. The currency was called “zuz” and is mentioned in the Talmud. “Zuz” means to move. The half shekel coins were imprinted with the words “For the Freedom of Zion,” and they were distributed to encourage the Jewish people to stand strong against Roman oppression. Sadly, Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed four years after the revolt began, but the Jewish people never gave up their hope and faith of returning to Jerusalem.
This coin has only recently come full circle, when Zion was again restored to the Jewish people during the Six Day War and Jerusalem was reunited. At last, ancient Jerusalem, the place where it all began – the heart of Zion – was in reach again and excavations could begin in earnest.  Many of these Freedom of Zion Half Shekel coins were discovered during these excavations.

The Jerusalem Watch coin is therefore a tool in your hands, a messenger, not only to join ancient Jerusalem’s rising, but also to herald her rising to the world. For the first time since her destruction 2,000 years ago, the opportunity has been given to us in this generation to witness what so many others have longed for their entire lives. It is a great responsibility. And the task beckons us.

This coin supports excavations at the City of David – Ancient Jerusalem. By purchasing a coin you are a tangible part of Jerusalem’s path to wholeness and wellbeing!

Light Bronze color. 2.5 cm in diameter.  Bronze coated Zinc Alloy.